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Discovering the Comic Shop

Before I get some reviews rolling, I will talk about buying your manga at comic shops, rather than major book stores.

For some of us, comic shops seem like dark and mysterious places to go buy our manga, especially Shoujo manga. Because they are mostly male-run, they might not stock a lot of Shoujo, and the store’s inhabitants might not be so friendly. But there are some really great places with friendly staff and an excellent manga collection if you can find them.

Shopping at comic shops can be cheaper than the bookstore because comic shops frequently have sales on their manga, usually by publisher. This is a great way to save money when buying volumes in bulk. For Canadians, comic shops always sell by the U.S. price, so you never have to pay the high Canadian price like in the book stores.

If a comic shop seems like a scary place, try to go there with friends or parents so you can feel more comfortable.

Comparing quality, manga at major book stores are usually read and handled in a careless way, so you may find some books in a less-than-favourable condition. The lights in book stores are always brighter and so they will yellow the top of the books, making them look less attractive. In Comparison, the lights in comic shops are usually dimmer and therefore less harsh on the books.

I hope I’ve provided you with good reasons to dabble in comic shops. If you’re still weary about it, it’s okay to keep shopping at your book stores. Thanks for paying a visit to Shoujo Garden!


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