Paradise Kiss Volume 1

For cover image and more info, visit the Paradise Kiss page. Another work by Ai Yazawa is ‘Nana’, already available in English.

Yukari Hayasaka is a beautiful girl who is dissatisfied with her dull life. Luckily for her, her beauty has been noticed by the eccentric fashion design team, Paradise Kiss! After being chosen as a model, Yukari finds herself intrigued and ever more involved in the lives of the members of Paradise Kiss. She discovers love and new friendships while working hard to perfect her sewing ability. She decides to take control of her life and drop out of school to pursue her passion for fashion (not highly recommended in the real world, but still plausible).

Although she faces issues with her parents when she wants to drop out of school, Yukari is ready to take on the fashion world head on. This story focuses on the journey of following one’s dream even when faced with obstacles. And hey, it helps when you’ve got some new friends to support your decision as well.

The eccentric characters of ParaKiss are captivating and make you want to read more about them. Yukari has her own faults and fears, but she deals with them with honesty and integrity. She’s not conceited about her beauty, which makes her a rather likable character. The story progresses at a comfortable pace, but falls a little off track with some unnecessary melodrama at the end of the volume. It looks like there will be more drama to come in the series, but it would have been nice to hold off on it until volume 2.

There’s a lot of humour sprinkled throughout the story to lighten up the mood, and the art is top-notch gorgeous. There’s actually a higher volume of dialogue in this manga compared to others, but it just means you’ll be spending more time with the characters (which is good). The characters’ fashions are very original, detailed, and inspiring. I found myself wanting to draw a few fashions after I finished reading. The slightly jarring drama at the end however did not detract much from this beautiful volume of manga. This series is easily shelf-worthy.

PS: And why am I complaining about drama when this is Shoujo we’re talking about?!

You can buy ‘Paradise Kiss’ from your major book or comic store. If not, you can ask them to special order it for you!


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