Welcome to Shoujo Garden!

Welcome to a new blog devoted to the wonderful orchard of Shoujo manga!

Shoujo (show-joe) manga means “Girls comics” in Japanese. This refers to an entire genre of comics aimed at female readers (but not exclusively) that feature stories about human relationships, romance, coming-of-age, and more. A more adult Shoujo is called Josei (joe-say) which means ‘Ladies comics’, and a sub genre of Shoujo is Yaoi (yow-ee), or BL (Boys’ love).

Shoujo manga are translated from their original Japanese to English, and many other languages. They come in the form of 200 page novel-sized books. You can usually find Shoujo manga (and manga, in general) at your major book retailers in the “Manga” or “Graphic Novel” sections, as well as comic shops. It is useful to research which manga you prefer before heading into the store. Reading manga reviews are especially helpful to your decision, and that’s where I hope to help.

You will find reviews, musings, and more at Shoujo Garden, so take a look in the ‘Categories’ section to find specific topics of interest. Whether you’re curious (Sho-curious?) about Shoujo, or if you’re a veteran fan, I hope you can find find something here that might interest you. Let Shoujo fill the world!


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  1. 1

    Kris said,

    I look forward to your reviews. So I take it you won’t be doing much over at Men on Yaoi and More. I loved your topics that you hosted over there!

    • 2

      artdjmaster said,

      Dear Kris:

      It’s so nice to know that someone is reading my reviews!! Really, I wasn’t sure anybody would appreciate them, so Thank-you very much! Yeah, I’m not really sure what to do with Men on Yaoi anymore, since my interests have kind of shifted a little bit. I definitely want to post some Yaoi reviews here on Shoujo Garden, but maybe I should post them on Men On Yaoi, I don’t know. Thanks for the props!! Would it be alright to have a link to Manic About Manga on my blog?

  2. 3

    Kris said,

    Hey! I noticed your comment regarding the canceling of review copies over at Comics Worth Reading. If you so desparately want to know who it is, I have that information. I was one of the 15 cc’d on the email that was sent out because I also receive review copies. I for one don’t seem to understand why because they are a company who consistently release quality titles with excellent quality. I don’t want my butt to be in a sling if I divulge their name because I continue to have contact with them and I will still purchase many of their titles even if I don’t get review copies. But I will tell you now that it isn’t CMX or TokyoPop. It’s one that is kind of surprising.


    Oh, and thanks for the link! You are more than welcome to promote me over here, you are awesome!

  3. 4

    Oliver said,

    I’m sorry they cut your review copies, they won’t even be sending you SJ review copies? Thanks for divulging the info in a secret way 🙂 I look forward to more of your reviews, anyway!

  4. 5

    Kris said,

    Actually it’s not VIZ either. I get my review copies of my Shojo Beat or Shonen Jump titles either by purchasing them or through the other site I review for. I guess you’ll have to keep guessing!

  5. 6

    artdjmaster said,

    Darn, wrong again! Well, I could guess ’til the cows come home, so I’ll just stop now. Thanks for trying!

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